Everything’s Disposable

I’ve given the over-arching title of my work, whether it’s art, writing, video, or music, “Everything’s Disposable,” because everything is. Every idea, every doodad & gadget, and every person is ephemera. Ready to be disposed of in readiness of the next spectacle.

We live in a world where a term like “post-modernism” is no longer strong enough to convey. With the constant bombardment of information from the advent of home video to gigabit streams of everything into your home—the lines between what is sincere and what is ironic have been completely obliterated.

Inspired by surrealists, dadaists, conceptualists, popists, absurdists, situationists, et al., my work is about juxtapositions, making my sincere statements feel tongue-in-cheek, and trying to make grade-school jokes into something on a grand scale.

False Originals