Participation Trophy



A novelette that walks a fine line, because while there is a big gray cloud hanging over the characters in the story, and some really dark (possibly demonic) shit is going down in their school, the whole thing is also treated with a dash of comedy, so the resulting tone feels quite fresh. It’s only about 70 pages, so this sucker moves, and it should only take you an hour or two to get through the whole book, a teenage-anxiety induced nostalgia fever dream. Good times.” ★★★★ (GoodReads Review)
– Danger Slater (author, I Will Rot Without You, Puppet Skin)

“Ira is cynical without lacking empathy, experimental without lacking direction. A dark, ambitious new voice.”
– Garret Cook (Author, Crisis Boy)

High school sucks. especially when you’re a geek, your brother committed suicide, the popular kids are dropping like flies, your teachers speak in chick tract quotes, & worst of all your best friend might be turning into a goddamn goth. but hey, at least there’s pizza!

Perfect Bound, Open Edition, 85 pages.


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