“Not a wasted word.”
– Danger Slater (author, I Will Rot Without You, and Puppet Skin)

“Worshipers of Porcine Gods, sad days spent with agency-assigned strangers, and the healing properties of blood. In Pacifier, Ira Rat proves himself a master of crafting tightly-written, strange stories that are never at odds between beauty and darkness, the grotesque and emotional truth, but instead, seamlessly do all in one fluid motion.”
– Sam Richard (author, Sabbath of the Fox-Devils, and To Wallow in Ash & Other Sorrows)

“Ira is cynical without lacking sympathy, experimental without lacking direction. A dark, ambitious new voice.”
– Garret Cook (author, Archelon Ranch and A God of Hungry Walls)

“The Stories in Ira Rat’s Pacifier take subtle delight in exposing the reader to their twisted imagery and ethos. A treat for those of us with a taste for the darkly askew.”
– Amy Vaughn (author, Freak Night at the Slee-Z Motel, and Skull Nuggets)

“Ira Rat’s little collection, Pacifier provides four bite-sized morsels which are delightfully disturbing. There is a beauty to his quiet horror, creeping up in a strange and unsettling manner.”
– S.T. Cartledge (author, Beautiful Madness and The Orphanarium)

“With stories that range from quiet sadness to barking insanity, Pacifier is a book that stays with you long after you’ve read it.”
– Jon Steffens (author, The God in the Hills)

The collection consists of 4 quiet horror stories that range from slightly comical to heartwrenching, all in one slim little volume.

Available signed at no extra charge, please let us know when ordering.

Perfect Bound, 91 pages


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