boring art (videos)

“Boring Art” explores the concept of video that retains the quality of still images. I could continue to blather on about this idea, but… it’s rather tedious. The work combines animation and often music.

“Brian’s Dream” (aka “Brian Wilson’s Dream Machine”), crafted by Ira Rat, is an art installation inspired by Gysin/Burroughs’ Dream Machine. It features colorful, rotating images synced with a custom musical score. Viewers are invited to enter a dreamlike state to explore their imaginations.

“Algorithms>Feelings” is another piece that I’ve done more recently. It’s one of many attempts to reconcile contradictory thoughts about the future of art in the face of technology. I had ChatGPT generate the title as a slogan for selling AI to the masses. Maybe it will work.

“Zoloft Eyes” Ira Rat (2022)